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Did you know there are 3 Life-Transforming Gifts that are avaiable inside your grief?

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What is Indigo Flow?

Indigo Flow is a process that weaves the three life-transforming gifts of grief through four flows:

Nature Flow

Nature breeds contentment

Find a sacred space to retreat to (real or imagined)

Creative Flow

Create vs. Consume

Creativity bridges the conscious with the unconscious

Sacred Flow

Rituals + Ceremonies

Going for a walk at sunrise to greet a brand new day

Soul Flow

Pivot to Passion

Are there parts of yourself that are emerging or you’re rediscovering that you’d forgotten about?

About Heidi Gessner

Heidi Gessner, MDiv, BCC, is an ordained United Church of Christ Minister, grief coach, and author. She supports individuals wrestling with loss, helping you tap into the transformative aspect of grief, through her signature system Indigo Flow: Path to a New Beginning.

Indigo Flow is a process that weaves the three life-transforming gifts of grief through four flows: creative, nature, sacred, and soul. Heidi invites you into an internal, “indigo” space to intentionally process grief, learn new skills, and gain resiliency tools. This deeply nourishing and cathartic space naturally excavates new awareness about being in the world and clears the way for a new path to emerge.

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Where are you in your grief process?

Your Path to a New Beginning Call with Heidi

Pockets of Grace

Heidi is the author of Pockets of Grace: Lessons from Darkness, Lessons from Light, her memoir and guide about her journey during her father’s terminal lung cancer while simultaneously divorcing her first husband. At the threshold of death, she found connectedness, meaning, and depth, which led her to work with dying and bereaved people. Reflective questions and practices are included at the end of each chapter for readers to dive deeper into their emotional and spiritual lives and encourage healing. This book is a result of working as an end-of-life chaplain for nearly 20 years. Heidi shows us we aren’t left on our own on this earth; rather, the divine is woven into all we do, in ways we don’t often imagine. With guidance and inspiration from patients, poets, saints, even birds, she guides the reader to a new way forward. It’s for anyone wrestling with spirituality and/or grief and addresses issues about what it means to be human, to grieve, and to grow.

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Looking for support on
your grief journey?

Private Coaching

I’ve developed a system for helping people get clarity around life changes. I’ll take you on a journey to re-discover yourself. When you are able to get clear on where you are in your life, your values and intentions, it gives spine to your soul.

Indigo Flow Circle

Have you felt like your world stopped, while everyone else kept going? Through self-exploration and grounding exercises, you’ll learn supportive strategies that can help you cope with such difficult times, and lead to new beginnings!