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Have you recently lost someone you love and are now feeling lost yourself?

Grief and loss are natural and inevitable parts of life. However, experiencing the death of a loved one may be the deepest pain you’ve ever known. You may be grappling with sorrow, sadness, anxiety, and a deep sense of loss, feeling stuck in your grief.

Learning to live without your loved one will be a journey and some days may be more difficult than others. The path is not often easy, quick, or straightforward.

I recognize this moment is an extremely difficult one and I want to help!

My name is Heidi Gessner, grief coach, and former end-of-life chaplain. I’ve worked with hundreds of people grieving the death of someone they loved and helped them connect with the transformative power of grief.

Over time, I discovered there are 3 Life-Transforming Gifts that are contained within grief. These gifts help you grow and ultimately lead to a new beginning.

Meet Heidi Gessner

Heidi Gessner, MDiv, BCC, is an ordained United Church of Christ minister, author of Pockets of Grace: Lessons from Darkness,
Lessons from Light, and grief coach, who’s developed a special way to approach loss.

Through her signature system, Indigo Flow: Path to A New Beginning, Heidi invites you into an internal “indigo” space to awaken your inner-sight, or intuition. This allows you to connect with a deeper part of yourself, where you’ll tend to your inner life. Here you’ll mindfully process your grief through 4 Flows: Nature, Creative, Sacred, and Soul. These nourishing and cathartic flows awaken new learnings, which clear the way for a new path to emerge.

As a former end-of-life hospital chaplain, Heidi spent nearly 20 years supporting people on their grief journeys. Let Heidi’s expertise help you harness the transformational power hidden in grief.

Privacy Policy: We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe