“Nature is large enough to absorb your grief.” ~ Matthew Fox

When someone you love dies, it’s common to want to cocoon and withdraw from the world. You’re off your center, perhaps in shock, and trying to process what’s happened. Life can feel surreal, and nature offers you a place of solace to retreat to.

In the Nature Flow, you’ll learn that when you don’t know what to do, or feel lost or stuck, you’ll feel comforted by spending time in nature. You become still, breathe, and life will tell you what to do. Feel your breath coming in, and then feel your breath going out. Mother nature is your greatest teacher. Listen quietly to what she is trying to tell you. She shows you that everything is interconnected and interdependent.

Nature is known as the soul of God in some cultures, and in this Flow, we’ll explore the transcendent connection in nature. There is a deeply personal aspect to our magical universe, and you can tune into it through nature. You’ll hone your skills by paying special attention to your surroundings. Be alert to what you find. This alert stillness may help you feel or sense your loved one. There are signs of them everywhere, reaching out to you, and trying to communicate with you.

The key thing to remember is that existence doesn’t end with the death of the physical body. Your connection doesn’t end there. As poet W.H. Auden writes, “Death ends a life, not a relationship.” Your continued intentional interaction with your loved one is part of the process, as you’re forever connected through your love for them.

“No one suspects the days to be gods.” ~ Emerson

The Nature Flow teaches you strategies to connect with your loved ones through messengers – birds, feathers, totem animals, and in other ways.

Birds lift you up out of the paralyzing grief grip and symbolize the liminal space and connection between two worlds. Feathers represent a connection to the spiritual realm and are a symbol of the soul. Finding them can offer a nurturing quietude. As theologian Jurgen Moltmann reminds us, “To discover ‘traces of God’ in nature does not indeed save us, but it does make us wise.”

Gratefulness is another way of being present and actually happens before thinking. Those breathtaking moments of awe and wonderment while watching the sun set or a full moon rise in the sky have the power to move you in ways you never thought possible. In those ten seconds before your thoughts take over, an inexplicable energy surges through you – elevating your frequency towards a higher level of consciousness that’s capable of healing you, as well as positively impacting others.

In the Nature Flow, you’ll learn how to use your thinking to tap into the creative intelligence that animates life and guides you towards transformation.

When you surrender yourself willingly, this transformative power flows through you – awakening surprise and cultivating a deep sense of gratitude for the gift of life. This sparks an unstoppable force within which expands into generosity as your sight is opened up to those who are suffering.

The Celtic tradition emphasizes the sacred essence in all living things. Every living organism has a consciousness and appreciates and responds to being noticed, being seen. Did you know that if you appreciate a flower, it will open up a little more and grow faster? Gratitude feeds on itself.

Nature has much to teach you about the preciousness of life – its fragility, resilience, cycles of death and rebirth; in this Flow, you’ll learn the benefits of aligning your own energy with the earth’s rhythm. We’ll explore how to sync with the seasons which move through an eternal cycle of death and rebirth.

Especially when mourning, it’s helpful to escape the noise and distractions and drama, and deepen your connection to the earth, the sky, the universe, and yourself. When you align and sync with the natural world, life becomes easier.

Reconnecting with nature gives you an opportunity for deep meditation – a chance to recognize that we are all connected; it helps preserve memories of those you’ve lost while also teaching you how everything is impermanent in life.

Nature cultivates contentment

It has the power to restore and rejuvenate you, both mentally and physically. And Mother nature doesn’t discriminate; she nurtures. The natural world doesn’t care if you’re black or white or orange, or rich or poor, or religious or not. She welcomes everyone the same and fosters a sense of unity.

Mother nature has the answers

And by observing her, and mirroring back her example, you can learn to thrive. Do you have a favorite place you go to in the natural world? Find a place to retreat to, whether real or imagined, to bring in a sense of calm and well-being. Nature can be as close by to you as your backyard or neighborhood park.

Where are you in your grief process?

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