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Pockets of Grace

Lessons from Darkness, Lessons from Light

Heidi Gessner, MDiv, BCC

“Heidi Gessner’s book is a kind revelation. She is warm, authentic and full of relatable stories. She draws you into her journey and you can’t help but go with her. Her kindness is real, her questions for the reader are thoughtful. Whatever the spirit means to you, she’s fine with that. And she makes you want to consider what that is. What a lovely gift of a book!” ~ Author E Swan

I’m delighted to share that my new book, Pockets of Grace: Lessons from Darkness, Lessons from Light, was just published on Amazon. This book is about my spiritual awakening during my father’s terminal lung cancer and heartbreaking divorce. At the threshold of death, I found connection, meaning, and depth which led me to work with dying and bereaved people. This book is a result of what I experienced working as an end-of-life professional for nearly 20 years.

Pockets of Grace illustrates how you aren’t left on our own on this earth; rather, the divine is woven into all you do, in ways you don’t often imagine. This book is an exploration of the raw and wild grief process that offers gifts along the way. I draw on lessons from the amazing individuals I accompanied, Spirit, nature, poets, saints, even birds, to guide the reader to a new way forward.

With the pandemic subsiding, many express not wanting to go back to the way things were. Pockets of Grace is for anyone wrestling with spirituality or grief and addresses issues about what it means to be human, to grieve, and to grow.

Rave Reviews for Pockets of Grace

Your solace in hard times

As a hospital chaplain, Heidi Gessner spent decades on the frontlines of grief — comforting strangers through their most devastating hours. Pockets of Grace brings this profound experience to readers, digging into the roots of love, loss, sorrow, and goodness. This gift of a book will become your solace in hard times as it teaches you how sadness can lead to connection, meaning, and ultimately, love. You’ll want to read Pockets of Grace again and again and share it with everyone who’s ever had reason to mourn.

– Nina de Gramont, The Christie Affair

Let the healing commence

No matter where you are in the circle of life this book is for you. It is thoughtfully written with accessible, real-world examples and heartfelt parables. It is both joyful and tearjerking in all the best ways. You feel the feels right from the start in the form of a graceful wisdom that penetrates your bones and nourishes your soul. Its timeless message is one we all need right here, right now and for all the generations to come. Read this book and let the healing commence!
– Jennifer Flynn, Intuitive Business Coach

Pockets of Grace

Lessons from Darkness, Lessons from Light

Heidi Gessmer, MDiv, BCC