“Daring to dream what is deepest in our collective longings is what makes us most human and fully alive.”
~Wendy Wright

In the Soul Flow, we’ll explore what the Celtic tradition calls soul-forgetfulness. Perhaps you’ve forgotten who you are and what you know – personally and collectively in the deepest part of yourself. In this flow, you’ll listen to and befriend your soul, treating it as sacred. Using your imagination is one way of reawakening your soul.

What makes your heart sing?

What have you forgotten that you used to love doing?

The grief journey has many lessons and one of the biggest ones is answering the question, who am I now? While it may seem daunting, this can be an opportunity for renewal and reinvention. If you allow yourself time in the soul flow – that transitional space between loss and possibility – then your dormant gifts will have room to develop as never before.

You’ll clear the path to carry out your soul mission with grace and effectiveness. Your soul is connected to three divine essences: to the divine, to all collective unconscious wisdom, and to your soul path – past, present, and future.

Grief encourages change from within; often reawakening forgotten values and creativity, perhaps for the first time. There are infinite possibilities awaiting your discovery. In the Soul Flow, we’ll look at roles you play, emerging identities, your strengths, as well as the legacy you want to leave.

Are there parts of yourself that are emerging or you’re rediscovering that you’d forgotten about?

“You must be willing to let go of your personal, psychological self (your identity and complaining voice). In order to be who you are, you must be able to let go of who you think you are … you meditate to find the center to be able to let go.”
~ Michael Singer’s The Untethered Soul

Limiting belief systems are the number one obstacle to fulfilling life plans. How do they affect who you’ve become and what you’ve been able to do in your life? There’s a difference between who you think you’re supposed to be versus who you really are. Locking yourself into some roles, you start believing you can’t do anything else. Specifically, the very thing you want to do, were born to do. Blocks are also roles you play, hiding from your original knowing of your soul’s purpose.

Buried under layers of conditioning from your family of origin, religious traditions, and our culture, you slowly start to forget your larger, deeper purpose — your soul’s work that is unique to you. Yet, how do you align with the deepest parts of yourself? Your willingness and eagerness to transfigure your looping beliefs from the past. We’ll work on your ruminating thoughts that keep you stuck and replace them with better ones.

Paradoxically, a time of mourning or grief is a ripe time to do this work. When off center and vulnerable, you’re more open to change. You may hear things differently, let in something new, something you may have otherwise ignored. This is a great starting place — when you’re malleable and somewhat raw.

We each have a part to play in this universe, we are part of the whole. You develop your gifts, and I develop mine, to further human evolution. For you have what I need, and I have what you need. We need each other.

There’s a deeper part of you waiting to be rediscovered and experienced, beyond what society says. This takes courage because your loved ones and friends may want you the way you are. But you need to let the butterfly out of the jar and now is the time to do this work! Do you have a dream that’s yet to be fulfilled? Who is the butterfly of you?

So, part of this life’s purpose is self-healing, liberating yourself. What is your gift? What gives you the most joy? Expressing yourself from the heart, doing what feels natural and fulfilling at a personal level, always aligns with your aim to contribute something good and powerful to this world.

What would happen, if just for today, you stop repeating the same old stories to yourself. Change the script and you change your world.

You are perfectly poised between your past and your future.

In the Soul Flow, I’ll help you write a new life for yourself. We’ll review your path – what are you most proud of? What obstacles have you overcome? What have been the happiest of times? What legacy have you already left behind? What else do you want to do with the time you have left?

Within every person there’s a seed of wisdom. Let’s define your wisdom.
Develop your gifts to serve the world, the greater good.

What will happen through you?

Where are you in your grief process?

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