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Indigo Flow: Path to a New Beginning

invites you into an internal “indigo” space where you engage with and process your grief in deeply nourishing ways that allow for growth and resilience
on your journey.

Indigo Flow gives you tools to process your grief and discover new things about yourself. You’ll learn creatively, through the natural world, the sacred, and through soul reflection.

Together, we’ll define and cultivate:

the wisdom you’re gaining from your experience

the compassion awakening within you

what you’re going to do with your energy when it returns

Grief doesn’t have to only take away from you. In addition to the pain of loss, there’s tremendous potential for growth and transformation available to you.

And you’ll integrate and learn through four flows:
Nature, Creative, Sacred, and Soul.
Each of these four flows teaches ways to bring your attention back to the present moment, where you are perfectly poised between your past and your future. From this empowering stance, you get to decide how you want to move forward.

Each flow gives you momentum and further unveils a new path forward. Let grief be your catalyst to grow and transform.

If you trust me in this process, I’m going to lead you to a whole new path in your life.
I’m going to meet you in the Indigo space and give you lots of tools for your toolbox, so that you can flow.

I invite you to work with me inside Indigo Flow. You’re going to reconnect with yourself in a new, deeper way – to the part of you that’s gotten disconnected due to the external chatter, life challenges and difficulties.

Nature Flow

Creative Flow

Sacred Flow

Soul Flow