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Are you ready to discover a path to a new beginning?

As a certified grief coach and end-of-life professional for nearly 20 years, I’ve companioned with many people wrestling with transitional times in their lives.

My specialty is companioning with women who’ve been through loss – death of a loved one, empty nest, major illness, job change or retirement, a move, or caring for a loved one.

I’ve developed a system for helping people get clarity around life changes. I’ll take you on a journey to re-discover yourself. When you are able to get clear on where you are in your life, your values, and intentions, it gives spine to your soul.

Sometimes a little extra support with one-on-one coaching can give you a boost. It enables you to clarify what is truly important and meaningful to you now and use that to create a life map that takes you closer to where you want to be. Together we unleash powerful tools, like the Enneagram, and strategies that you can use to create long-lasting positive change. And when you start bringing it to life, I’ll be there every step of the way.

The people I’ve worked with have had amazing results.

When I met Ginny, she had recently retired and was deeply grieving the loss of her husband and love of her life, Joe. She was teary and depressed and not sure what the future would hold for her.

“Life is good…I feel like I am in my late teens most days as I travel, spend time with family and friends, ballroom dance, paint and continue to journal. Last spring, a work colleague and friend of 30 years became very special in my life. I asked God for a 40-year old and he with his witty sense of humor, sent me a very youthful 75-year old man whom I adore. Another highlight of my year was becoming a Stephen Minister Volunteer!” – Ginny

Now is your moment to process what you’ve gone through, identify what matters most to you right now, and to create a clearer vision for your future.

Here’s what you’ll get with the
Indigo Flow Coaching Package:


These are the sessions where you’ll get the personalized, boutique attention you deserve. We’ll clarify what you most need help with. I’ll share the tools, strategies, and resources to get you on a track, and move forward with clarity & purpose.

After 3 sessions, we’ll reevaluate, and you may choose to continue for 3 more sessions.

Here are some questions addressed:

  • Where are you in your grief journey?
  • What’s working?
  • What’s not?
  • Is there something new emerging?
  • What legacy have you already left for loved ones?

Let’s tap into your unique gift you can bring to the world.

And we’ll harness the wisdom inside you that makes you unafraid of what happens on the outside.

How can I support you on your grief journey?