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Have you recently lost someone you love and now feeling lost yourself?

Beyond the loneliness, isolation, and fear did you know there are…

3 secret life-transforming gifts of grief?

Hi, I’m Heidi Gessner, an ordained minister who served as the end-of-life chaplain for a level one trauma center for nearly 20 years. In addition to supporting patients, in order to care for individuals whose loved ones passed away in the hospital, I created an adult bereavement support service, to guide people through their mourning process with resources and community.

In my work, I support people who experience loss and help them connect with the transformative power of grief, so that they can live purpose-fully and joy-fully. I’ve worked with hundreds of people grieving the death of someone they loved. Over time, I discovered 3 transformational gifts that are contained within grief – ultimately leading to a new beginning!

Now I want to share them with you…

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Meet Heidi Gessner

Heidi Gessner, MDiv, BCC is an ordained United Church of Christ minister and end-of-life chaplain who has developed a special way
to approach loss.

Through her signature system Indigo Flow: Path to A New Beginning she invites those struggling with grief into an internal “indigo” space where they can process their pain in deeply nourishing ways that allow for growth and resilience as part of the healing journey. By weaving the 3 secret gifts through her 4 flows: creative, nature, sacred, and soul reflection, Heidi teaches new skills and resilient tools, whatever stage of life. Heidi’s expertise unlocks possibilities for transformation even when facing life’s greatest losses.